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The International Board of Standards

Successful executive, professional speaker, management consultant, and international lawyer George Mentz has established a global education and consulting network in more than 20 countries. Mentz is the holder of numerous legal, financial, and teaching distinctions and certifications. For over a decade, Mentz has been concerned with maintaining the integrity of the process by which professionals are certified in various disciplines. George Mentz serves as general counsel to several professional and certification boards, including the American Academy of Project Management and the American Academy of Financial Management. In addition, he serves as CEO and general counsel for the International Board of Standards.

The International Board of Standards (IBS) is an American-based, internationally recognized body that accredits individuals and institutions as providers of professional designations or as providers of the educational requirements of such designations. For example, schools that offer business courses may request accreditation to confer various business and financial designations upon their successful students. Before accrediting such a school, IBS reviews not only the curriculum, but also the academic qualifications and professional experience of the instructors for quality assurance and credentialing excellence.

IBS currently works with numerous colleges, universities, and professional organizations in the United States, including the City University of New York Queens College, business schools accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, University of California, University of Hong Kong and Mexico, National Research University Moscow, George Washington University, American University of Sovereign Nations AUSN, and numerous others. It also maintains relationships with many overseas institutions, including the CWM Institute of Hong Kong and the Arab Academy of Banking in Arabia.

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